P-Tech Leadership Program

Taught at Fredrick Douglas High School in Prince Georges County

For the school to be successful, we must work to unite all the variables that the P-TECH model has to offer to serve student learning. “How we structure time, how we structure resources, how we use adults, how we use industry mentors, how we use the skills from industry to ensure that students are college- and career-ready, and how do we be deliberate in making sure that students are exposed to them through projects, through job shadow visits, through skill-based internships, “It’s about being strategic and purposeful in making sure that the students that are needed are embedded in the day-to-day work.”

Our intent focuses on creating a culture of high achievement and high expectations for all of those in the school, including its students. P-TECH is about promise, but it’s also about expectation. The promise is that if you attend FDSH students will a chance to gain the academic, workplace and interpersonal experience that one will need to help make their dreams come true. Education isn’t something that is given, but rather something that is earned. “The expectation is that students will apply themselves, take full advantage of this unique opportunity, and give back — both as a productive member of their community and as a mentor and role model for future generations.”

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