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Since 2002, unforgettable experiences at Gordonstoun International Summer School.

The Summer in Scotland program has provided over 25 scholarships to under-served local youth in Annapolis and Anne Arundel County since since 2002.  In a unique partnership with Gordonstoun International Summer School, a prestigious school in Scotland, the Annapolis Trust grants scholarships to two local high school students who come from disadvantaged circumstances.  The goal of this program is to expose young people from disadvantaged circumstances to new and different experiences and set the tone for their quality of life.

The Gordonstoun International Summer School is held for three and a half weeks in July-August and includes a specific curriculum track for each student such as Information Technology or Literature and Creative Writing or Spanish Language.  Courses such as arts, confidence building, music making, sailing and sport are also integrated in the student’s program and students will further develop their self-reliance though Adventurous Activities and Ocean Cruising and Recreational activities.

The results of this program for Annapolis Trust scholarship recipients have been life-changing.

Virtual Taste of summer school webinar video


For the first time, students see a world outside of their low socio-economic neighborhood (for most, it is their first plane trip) and are empowered by being part of an international community.


A new level of self-awareness and confidence is achieved when campers must work in teams to solve challenges and the socio-economic and cultural barriers are broken down.


Gordonstoun prepares a young person for college – by giving them an independent, educational campus experience away from home.


Gordonstoun Summer School Reflection Letters

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