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Each year, the Annapolis & Anne Arundel County Scholarship Trust awards scholarships to deserving young residents of Anne Arundel County.  These tuition scholarships are awarded for a maximum of period of four continuous years or the length of the program.  Recipients must maintain certain standards prescribed by The Trust.  Scholarship applicants will be expected to also complete a face-to-face interview with the Scholarship Review Board.​


Scholarship Awards are available only to Applicants who will be full-time students. The institution must be accredited in accordance with state and local licensing and accreditation requirements. The Scholarship Award will cover tuition, books or other incidental fees subject to review by the Education Committee.

The Scholarship Award is awarded to applicants who intend to pursue undergraduate college or university degree programs or post-high school technical or vocational training at the following types of accredited institutions:

  • Public and Private Colleges and Universities
  • Community Colleges
  • Trade and Technical Schools
  • Vocational Schools

The number of Scholarship Awards and the amount(s) of individual Scholarship Awards will be determined in advance by the Board of Trustees based on the amount of funds available.  For the 2021/2022 academic school year, the scholarship award shall be $800.00 per semester.

The Scholarship Award is valid for the academic year immediately following receipt of the Scholarship Award by the Applicant, and is renewable based upon the achievement of specific requirements.  Awards are paid directly to the school to which the recipient has been admitted as necessary to cover tuition expenses.

*NOTE: If scholarship is sponsored by an organization or private donor – there may be additional eligibility requirements. Please read each scholarship application thoroughly before submission.

new applicants

  • Scholarship applications must be submitted no later than April 1st of the application year.
  • All new applicants will be invited to an interview as a condition to the scholarship decision process.
  • Applicants will be notified by mail of the decision by the Trust Board no later than June 1st.
  • Upon the award of a Scholarship the applicant must send written proof of admission from the college to Annapolis & Anne Arundel County Scholarship Trust.


  • Existing Scholarship recipients must submit an official transcript of semester grades and GPA together with a current registered class schedule by January 15th of the application year for Spring Semester and August 15th for the Fall Semester.
  • Grade Point Average must be at minimum of 2.5.
  • The recipient must maintain continuous enrollment for the duration of the course.
  • Incomplete applications will not be considered.
  • All decisions are at the sole discretion of the Board of Trustees.

Annapolis Trust Scholarship Application

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